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Other Ways to Donate

looking for additional ways to support the mission?

commercial/business donation

Many businesses choose the Habitat of York County ReStores when looking to donate large amounts of furniture before a move or remodel, or when “sunsetting” an inventory of goods.

Not only will the Habitat of York County ReStore pick up those items, you’ll be doing a lot of good for the community!

Please contact Director of Development, Ben Gair, at or (716)997-7732.

I'm interested in a commercial donation

Cars for Homes

Car (and other vehicle) donations are another way to support Habitat of York County mission. When you make a donation to Cars for Homes, you help Habitat of York County build and repair homes in your own community for families in need.

The car donation process is quick and easy. You can donate online or call toll-free to 1.877.277.4344. If you donate an automobile or other vehicles, you may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Start Your Vehicle Donation

There are certain items we can not accept for donations at this time

Thank you for choosing to donate items to the Habitat for Humanity of York County ReStore. Please note, we are currently unable to accept the following items: Light Fixtures (chandeliers, unassembled ceiling fans); Colored Blinds; Flooring (under 100 sq feet), Pedestal Sinks.